Some Craftiness Does the Heart Good!

I’ll give a gift to anyone who can tell me which movie has this quote, which seems quite applicable to my blog at the moment:

This place is a tomb! I’m going to the nut shop where it is fun.

OK, now don’t go and google it! That would be cheating! As for the gift, I was just kidding! But if you know it, do share! It is a fun movie that always makes me smile. 🙂

So, in an effort to take away the tomb feeling around here, I thought I’d share another more practical (and fun … well it was fun) reason why my blog is collecting cobwebs.

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A Different {Sort of} Assignment

Yesterday afternoon I had an unusual (and dreaded) assignment: Christmas Card photo session.

Dum, da, da, dum. And yes, the Prez is doling out skittles in the following photo (more on that later).


I was not the only one dreading it. I base my feelings of dread on past experiences, people. Just eing real and honest here. Maybe some others in the family were dreading it for the same reason. I didn’t ask them their reasons, but I promised them a monetary payment for their time and a bonus for the child who behaved the best. I also had the Prez grab a bag of candy on his way home from work.

Yes, folks, I bribed my own children. It had to be done. I know, some may say this is ridiculous. They should do this (well all but the three-year-old right?) without being paid, and they should show respect and a willing attitude. I mean, the Prez didn’t require candy or bribing. Well … OK, nevermind that.

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Learning On the Go!

Wow, it has been a busy month! Where did September go???

We are in Week 10 of school this week. That feels great to type that out! Overall, we’ve had a great start and now just 3 weeks shy of a third of our year complete … well, we’ve accomplished a lot I hope.

In this post, I thought I’d try to catch up on some photos and learning opportunities we experienced while on the go this past month.

First up, we have attended a few field trips with the tutorial we are attending. One was historical in scope, one was geared toward science and yet another a live performance on the stage.

A Civil-War Era Plantation somewhere in the South …
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Summer Snapshots

I have taken quite a few photos (mostly on the iPhone), but I don’t want to wait on posting or I know they will get buried on page 5 of my flickr photostream!

So, without further ado, some of our summer learning pursuits. Our local co-op has a saying: “The world is our classroom.” I think that just about sums these photos up!

Playing with an old friend!




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The “Two” Rs {rest and relaxation}



OK, who am I kidding? Rest and relaxation doesn’t happen with six children, but a little time away was in order.

Actually it was planned months ago and these lakeside campsites are reserved months in advance.

All of us did enjoy escaping the boxes and building going on at our new house.


We played in the sand, rode on Papa’s sea-doos, rode behind them on floats and kneeboards, fished every day multiple times, and ate way too much amid the good company of Grammy and Papa.

Li’l Bro and Li’l Miss learned to knee board on this trip. Big Bro Mo was a great teacher and so patient with them. He even trailed behind them on the board helping each one to get up the first time.

Another first: our fully certified boater took our little fishing boat out solo for the first time. We could see him from the bank, but all of us were proud.

He recently studied for and passed the state exam for Boater Safety Education License. You can do this once you reach age 12 and you must have this license to man a motor-operated watercraft if you are 14. If you are under 14, you must have an able adult on-board. Curly is 14, and according to the exam rep where he took the test, his 57 correct answers out of 60 possible was the highest she had ever seen.

And when we got home we found our stairs went all the way down to the basement! It is getting closer and closer to us being able to move furniture (and boys) into this space. Painting will commence later today with our two oldest learning to prep and paint alongside the Prez.