Sweet! Our New *Still in Development* Writing Station

For now, just some photos … (Edited to add: some more explanation!)


I recycled this tub from the garage. 🙂 DH wasn’t really using it. Each side has notebooks and writing tools for each of my 2nd grade students.


Some of the items I’ve included in the tub: notebook with blank lined paper, small notepad for list-making, envelopes to actually mail hand-written letters, erasers, scrap papers for rough drafts, notes, etc. Continue reading

A Spring Break!

If only it were Spring Break, but the break today was definitely one we could use again!



It was too beautiful to stay inside, so we took a walk down to the creek for a little Spring Break! 😀 Continue reading

Skeet and Squirrel, Critters and Chicks?

We do live in the country and technically on a farm since we do have our free-range chickens and one really cantankerous rooster plus two cats and a dog … and maybe some baby chicks very soon. In the meantime, aren’t these eggs just beautiful?


People ask me all the time if we really eat the eggs and do we like them. They also ask how many we use a week. Let’s see: Yes, we really eat them and yes, most of us like them. We have one child who is really turned off from eggs of any kind, not just “our” eggs. He is fine to eat them cooked in something, just not scrambled or fried.

We typically will use about 4 dozen a week. Yes, 4 dozen. If we scramble them or make omelets or cook them with spinach, we use at least 12 so it doesn’t take long to use 4 dozen. We also sell on average 4-6 dozen a week in addition to the ones we eat. Our ladies are quite the layers!

I *might* have suggested to the Prez that one valid reason for him bringing home the baby chicks would be for blog-worthy material as we observe nature. The Prez was the one who came home yesterday telling me about how the local Tractor*Supply has the chicks.

Seriously, aren’t they so cute? Don’t remind me of the incubators and keeping them warm … and the freezing temps outside currently.

I thought while on the subject of the possibility of baby chicks coming home to our little farm soon, I would take a moment to post some photos that I never got around to posting in the last few months. The theme will be of an animal nature, and I will warn you now that some of the photos will show deceased animals and/or animals that we have hunted and used to fill our table … and our bellies. Continue reading

Show Me the Money!

Someday we may not have coins in the US monetary system, but for now there are the four basic coins plus a few more. Did you know the US Mint still makes a 50-cent coin? Our 11-year-old son asked for one at the bank, and the teller found him one and saved it. Apparently, while they are in circulation, they aren’t easy to find.


We used this Dollar*Tree tray to play a simple game I called “Make a Dollar.” Li’l Miss and I played first. We just took turns giving the other person a coin value in 5-cent increments. Once the middle of the tray was $1.00 or more, the person who had just added to it got to keep those coins. Continue reading

Using iPads for Education

I do love my iPad.
I love the Prez. For many reasons, one of which includes him surprising me with the iPad for Christmas


In all seriousness, it has added to our educational toolbox. Not only do we use it at home, but it has become a viable addition to our on-the-go learning too. Continue reading

What Is Homeschooling … With a Three-Year-Old in the Mix!

I had such a great response to my What Is Homeschooling? post the other day, I decided to write another installment!

I do get asked frequently what our three-year-old does “all day” while we do school. Let’s see …

  • She changes her outfit 50 times. (Well, not quite, but maybe 10. And not because of a need to do that. She just wants to.)
  • She finds her scissors and cuts her hair. (Well that was a long time ago. I don’t think she has done this in at least six weeks.)
  • She tries to get herself a snack … and maybe makes a little mess in the process.
  • She whines and cries.
  • She colors on the table … instead of her paper.

OK, seriously, this has all happened, BUT she also does a whole lot more! She learns right alongside all of us, and she also keeps us all laughing along the way. She is three years old after all. Continue reading

Elementary Math: 2-Digit Subtraction Lesson and Math Facts Within 20 Mastery

I like math now. I used to think I didn’t like it very much.

Since I’ve been teaching little (and big) people about math, I have come to love it like it.

2-Digit Subtraction with Regrouping

Last week, the 2nd graders and I explored 2-digit subtraction with regrouping. I had held off on this with my 2nd graders, because they haven’t achieved mastery of their addition or subtraction math facts within 20. They do know how to find the answer if they don’t know it right away, but I wanted them to be able to say the answer within seconds on every fact. It just wasn’t happening, though with time and tools (fingers, thinking, abacus, number line, etc.) they could find the correct answer.

IMG_0498 Continue reading