Easter Eggs

Who needs to dye eggs when you have a basket full of these?

Looks like our young hens (yes we have been a bit busy with 7 baby chicks and 2 young hens) are now layers! Which made this guy a very happy boy! He has wanted blue eggs for a long time!


I found one Beautiful blue egg in the henhouse today!


Baby Chick Update: Week 2 + A Tour Around Our Little Farm

The baby chicks are growing and FAST!

They love to eat and drink lots of water.


They stay close to one another and are still a bit skittish of us.

They are now 6 inches tall head to feet, and their feet are 2 inches long. Continue reading

Skeet and Squirrel, Critters and Chicks?

We do live in the country and technically on a farm since we do have our free-range chickens and one really cantankerous rooster plus two cats and a dog … and maybe some baby chicks very soon. In the meantime, aren’t these eggs just beautiful?


People ask me all the time if we really eat the eggs and do we like them. They also ask how many we use a week. Let’s see: Yes, we really eat them and yes, most of us like them. We have one child who is really turned off from eggs of any kind, not just “our” eggs. He is fine to eat them cooked in something, just not scrambled or fried.

We typically will use about 4 dozen a week. Yes, 4 dozen. If we scramble them or make omelets or cook them with spinach, we use at least 12 so it doesn’t take long to use 4 dozen. We also sell on average 4-6 dozen a week in addition to the ones we eat. Our ladies are quite the layers!

I *might* have suggested to the Prez that one valid reason for him bringing home the baby chicks would be for blog-worthy material as we observe nature. The Prez was the one who came home yesterday telling me about how the local Tractor*Supply has the chicks.

Seriously, aren’t they so cute? Don’t remind me of the incubators and keeping them warm … and the freezing temps outside currently.

I thought while on the subject of the possibility of baby chicks coming home to our little farm soon, I would take a moment to post some photos that I never got around to posting in the last few months. The theme will be of an animal nature, and I will warn you now that some of the photos will show deceased animals and/or animals that we have hunted and used to fill our table … and our bellies. Continue reading

What Is Homeschooling?

I get asked a lot or rather people will just say (rather than ask): “I don’t see how you do it. Teach all of them at different levels and ages. I couldn’t do it.”


{Deep breath.}

I don’t teach them all.


GASP. (Did any of you just gasp?) Continue reading

Around Stay Awhile Farm

I have so many photos that haven’t made their way onto the blog. These photos are just us living life together learning and growing on our little mini-farm. I still am amazed and so very thankful we get to live here!


The Prez and three of the boys headed out on a dove hunt. Li’l Bro has a BB gun in tow, while Larry and Mo have their 20-gauge shotguns.


The hunt didn’t yield any birds, but it yielded a successful day of practicing safe gun handling and enjoying the nature surrounding us.

The ladies (our hens) like to graze in the yard as does Mr. Squawks, however they need to stay out of our garden.


A recent skeet shoot-out from the top of our property, in which Momma came in second to Mo, who is 11 years old. As for the Prez … ahem … he missed all but one of his skeets. Momma … well I shot all of mine down but one. 😀

DSC_0964 Continue reading

Labor Day 2013

Labor Day for us was another school day. Well a half-day of school anyway. I won’t say my students were excited to hear they wouldn’t get a full holiday last Monday, but they worked hard on studies before lunch and then they worked hard on outdoor life school! Please note no child labor laws were broken … I promise they had fun painting our hen house with the Prez.



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