About a Boy (Who Happens to Have One-Sided Deafness)

Please allow me a blog post to BRAG on our youngest little man. He is 8 1/2 and has been home with his forever family for 45 months now. He spent his first 60 months of life on earth in China in a rural orphanage. Statistics show that most institutionalized children will exhibit one month of delay for every 3 months spent in an institution. For our little dude, that translates to 20 months of delay or him being roughly 3 /12 years developmentally when he came home. He was far from it, testing at around 2 years developmentally that first summer home.



He is such a little love. Actually, he is becoming a big little love, and I predict will be taller than his Momma by the time he reaches double digits.

But back to this boy, who does happen to be deaf in one ear. If you’d like to read more about unilateral deafness, ASHA has a great page that sums it up and helps others to know what to look for in a young child who might be unilaterally deaf.

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My Four From Afar

It just worked out last week that I was home with our four children adopted from China. The Prez and our other two children were on a Boy*Scout trip out West. I hope to have photos from that soon.



For this post, I am sharing photos from last Thursday when I hiked to the top our hill with our four Chinese children.



Well, let me rephrase … four of us hiked and one of us was alternately carried by myself and Larry, our 13-year-old son.



The hike was worth it for the view and the company and sweet discoveries!

A Peek Into Our Morning {Work}

I am so excited to say that the newly-revamped Page Protector Printables Bundle 1 is NOW the Bright Beginning Binder!

I will share about how we’re using this resource below, and I hope you might see some ideas you could use in your own homeschool or classroom!

Here’s a peek of my students hard at work in their Bright Beginning Binders with our beautiful bulletin board in the background and our Word Work board to their right!


I am so excited about our new Bulletin Board. It includes our Calendar Time area, a Where Am I? area where I’ll do some gentle instruction in geography, and finally the Math Minute where for now I have some coin posters that I printed 4 to a page for use of a compact space. You can find this awesome resource for FREE at Leanne Price’s TpT store.


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Pinterest-Inspired Idea Done: SHOE TYING BOARD

Why oh why did I not do this sooner???

I just didn’t. That is why. Post over.

No, seriously, I meant to and then we were packing and well, life just got in the way.


Thing is though, my sweet 8-year-old son still couldn’t tie his shoes (or his swim trunks!). And it was really starting to bother him, which in turn really bothered his Momma. So, I had to do something.

One morning, I grabbed some cardboard salvaged from packaging and decided to try out an idea I had pinned months ago.


And within MINUTES, he was tying not only the laces on the board but his shoes as well!!!


Months of trying and then weeks of not trying and wondering if he would ever be able to do it … and within minutes of creating such a SIMPLE exercise for him … he could TIE HIS SHOES!!!


He was so proud by the way that he asked me to post “on your blog WITH the photos!” So here I am albeit a couple of weeks later posting about it.

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