About a Boy (Who Happens to Have One-Sided Deafness)

Please allow me a blog post to BRAG on our youngest little man. He is 8 1/2 and has been home with his forever family for 45 months now. He spent his first 60 months of life on earth in China in a rural orphanage. Statistics show that most institutionalized children will exhibit one month of delay for every 3 months spent in an institution. For our little dude, that translates to 20 months of delay or him being roughly 3 /12 years developmentally when he came home. He was far from it, testing at around 2 years developmentally that first summer home.



He is such a little love. Actually, he is becoming a big little love, and I predict will be taller than his Momma by the time he reaches double digits.

But back to this boy, who does happen to be deaf in one ear. If you’d like to read more about unilateral deafness, ASHA has a great page that sums it up and helps others to know what to look for in a young child who might be unilaterally deaf.

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Inspired by Summer: I Spy Linking Verbs IS, AM, ARE

This summer, we’ve been busy with unpacking, creek stomping, unpacking, and taking a break from school … for the most part. But I’ve been busy the last few days with an idea that led to this fun resource below. My 8YO son and 7YO daughter, both entering 2nd grade this year, didn’t want to quit using it today when I asked them to try it out! In fact, they did so well with this learning tool that I have several ideas for more I SPY learning games.


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